Technical services

ACHADEMIA TECH is the division that coordinates and carries out technical and engineering services through Designing, Planning, Organisation, Coordination, Management, Execution and Checking of all the activities necessary for the knowledge and management of the infrastructure and real estate assets and their maintenance and supervision, through systematic and innovative management.

Areas of Operation

Due Diligence

  • Technical
  • Evidentiary
  • Maintenance
  • Access to documents and regularisation

Inventory archive management

  • Archiving and inventory
  • Document recovery
  • Maintenance
  • Evidentiary regularisation and adaptation


  • Property Management
  • Project management della manutenzione
  • Technical services

Technical inspection

  • Architectural, final and executive designing
  • Structural engineering
  • Seismic vulnerability analysis: level 0-1-2
  • Geological analysis and in situ tests
  • Safety coordination during design and implementation
  • Work supervision and static testing